About DreamCity

DreamCity Properties remains at vanguard of private residential, luxury and commercial real estate in Nigeria since 2002, delivering reliable residential structures with quality infrastructures, luxury apartments in highbrow areas and commercials real estate with good returns for our investors, whom have overtime become part of our success story.

DreamCity has established its place amongst the leading and most reliable developer in our country, having delivered over 2732 homes from 2010 till date and with a development portfolio of our 4,600 housing units currently at various stages of completion; Our projects cuts across strategic locations in Warri, Benin, Ikoyi (Lagos state), Port Harcourt and the Federal Capital City of our great country, Nigeria.

DreamCity properties shall in 2019 divest its commercial investment to include serviced hotels apartments and boutique hotels

Corporate Brochure

Mission Statement

DreamCity Properties shall in the nearest future radiate its successes and achievements to include our continent Africa and some leading nations all over the world. Our goal to be the pride of Africa, as we entrench our print in major countries across the world

What we stand for

DreamCity Properties prides itself on its uncompromising commitment to excellence in service delivery; we take seriously every important detail as regards our services in all areas of our interest to ensure strict conformity with our values which borders on value, security and purpose.

Value for us means good returns for your investment with respect to rental returns, quality and durability of our housing units, internal and external spaces advantage, location advantages and our prices amongst others

Security for us means bankable title documents; our projects are backed by Certicate of Occupancy and registered Deed of Assignment.

Purpose for us the usefulness of our project to our clients; our project are specific design to serves that purpose for which our clients intends to fulfill. Be it residential or for commercial gains our project would definitely be of beneficial importance to you.

Our success stems from the arduous effort of selecting and retaining talented employees, to choosing the right development partners that include award-winning architects, designers and contractors, right through to identifying prime development locations and selecting the sophisticated building materials that will deliver uncompromised quality standards.

By taking what we have learned from our customers over the past 16 years, we can say that we have become the country’s leading developer of private residential homes, bespoke luxury homes and commercial real estate.

Chairman’s Message

Our Company has built a solid track record of delivery, offering residents unique living experiences and a variety of product offers of which have widen our client’s experience. The DreamCity brand has also become synonymous with innovation and resilience in real estate sector of our economy; where have been here despite the ever present challenges that comes with a development economy likes ours..

We know how important it is for you to own a home, a secured income and that retirement investment you so dearly need; above all your long-term financial security it important to us just as it is to you; hence we have design a variety of real estate product to fulfill this need of yours.

Our team

DreamCity Properties’ highly experienced management team of directors and senior managers has significant experience in the real estate and construction industry.

Our History

As a result of 16years of active participation and outstanding accomplishment in the real estate sector of our economy, we have no doubt developed expertise, experience and resources required for conceptualization and implementation of contemporary residential housing project and high-value commercial real estate with guarantee return on investment for our investors.

DreamCity signature Estates, DACEMPCS housing Estate are examples of our expertise in engineering designs, constructions and estate development.

We remain steadfast in our resolve to be at the forefront of residential and commercial real estate development in Nigeria and also in Africa; thus building standard residential properties and commercial assets with good investment returns remains pivotal in our vision.

This vision of ours is the reason for our strategic investments, partnership and collaboration with reputable companies and organizations as evident in several of our current projects.