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Our building designs are tailored to address the concerns of economy, utility, durability, comfort, positive environmental impact, healthier indoor & outdoor living environment, overall running, and maintenance cost.Thus, our buildings use less water, optimizes energy efficiency, reduce waste, pollution, environmental degradation, uses more of natural resources, provides healthier space for occupants.

VALUE for us means 50% savings on water cost and about 30%-50% on energy consumption, 50% cost savings on waste management, numerous spaces enhancing natural ventilation, low operating, and maintenance cost, thus supporting high returns on investment.

We don’t just sell you a HOME, we sell ASSETS…..

We apply innovative technology systems that reduces the overall carbon footprint of our buildings, thus providing overall savings on cost; hope to scale up progressively on our current and future projects until we attain net zero.

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DreamCity investment program represents a community of like-minded investors with shared values and collective investment interests geared towards wealth creation and preservation..... for more on DreamCity investment program ...........
Our values

What we stand for

DreamCity Properties prides itself on its uncompromising commitment to excellence in service delivery; we take seriously every important detail that centers on our services in all areas of our interests ensuring strict conformity with our values which borders on Value, Security and Purpose.

Value for us means good returns for your investment with respect to rental returns, quality and durability of our housing units which amounts to low maintenance cost and circle, internal and external space advantage, location advantage and our offerings amongst others.
Security for us means bankable title documents; our projects are backed by Certificate of Occupancy and registered Deed of Assignment; title documents are valid for collapsed transactions, thus provides for our client(s) continuous (long-term) value for their investment and better resale advantage.
Purpose for us means the usefulness of our offerings to our clients; our project(s) are specifically designed to serve that purpose for which our client intends to fulfill. Be it for residential or for commercial gains our project would definitely be of beneficial importance to you.
Our success stems from the arduous effort of selecting and retaining talented employees, choosing the right development partners that includes our award-winning architects, designers and contractors; identifying prime development locations and selecting that building materials that will deliver uncompromised quality and standards.

Founder & CEO’s Message

The name “DreamCity” comes from our resolve to stay focus on our DREAM amidst the myriads of demanding challenges.

Our brand represents CONSISTENCY, RELIABILITY, INNOVATION, and VALUE…. this is WHAT we intend to protect at all costs.

We provide COMTEMPORARY LIVING EXPERIENCE AT EFFICIENT COST; hence, our deliberate SUSTAINABLE BUILDING approachin planning, design, constructions, and management… our overall product delivers durability, overall operating and maintenancecost savings, healthier living spaces and guaranteed returns for your investment….

 “We don’t just sell your homes, WE SELL ASSETS…” We are committed always to our VALUE driven approach…

Invest with us today, our investment program provides the platform to create sustainable wealth through minimal
risks investment opportunities expertly nurtured and managed by us.

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Benjamin D. Akhamere

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